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THE NEW NORMAL: Enabling Hybrid Events For The Event Scene In Africa

The saying that “the future is now”, has never been more certain than ever before. The unplanned but necessary change has via tuned how we live, communicate, and thrive.
Human extinction having been successfully triggered yet again, brings out a new dawn of culture, social rules, and norms.

Without a doubt, human interaction is a basic need. We live on tough, sight, and feeling. These three sensations are basics provided by the hospitality/event sector. This sector revolves around people of common interests gathering together for different purposes. Irrespective of how professional or familial and a gathering might seem, the core of each meeting or get together is to come in contact with others, see new things, and taste has humans.

The new normal was born through a global public health challenge where our extinction was threatened. Fortunately, these disadvantages gave rise to innovations and solutions, spurred by man’s ability to survive and thrive in various ways and scenes.

For the event sector, mitigating our challenges on public health safety and concerns has seen a rapid increase in the birth of new technologies, new strategies, and research to plan and implement and sustain events; no matter how large or small.

Here Are The Possibilities That The New Normal Has Ushered In

Virtual Events:

COVID-19 pandemic affected how we interact, with lots of rules set in place for public safety. Therefore, a lot of organizations enabled virtual meetings, conferences, hangouts, and so on.
Event planning companies turned on their A-game by offering their services online and enabling more virtual hangouts and virtual celebrations. Comic actors, Live music concerts turned up the heat by offering entertaining acts online on various social media platforms.
So far, we can say that virtual events have come to stay as it has evolved gradually to easily fit anyone ready to adapt, grow, and become successful irrespective of the unusual challenges and limitations of running a virtual event in Africa. These limitations are not common to all but unique to each African country; as hosting a virtual event depends on lots of factors and consideration of available resources.

Hybrid Events:

In a previous Ówàmbè Splash Instagram live conversation with Will Curran the president of Endless Events. Will intimated the future of events which is engaging the audience on a whole new power level; that is planning and sponsoring hybrid events.
As explained earlier, humans’ need for touch, sight, and taste are feelings that can never be replaced by virtual bots or virtual conversations. These feelings are tied to human interaction and survival, as the saying goes “No man is an island”.
Hybrid events solve this problem; a new possibility where programs, meetings, and celebrations are planned for in-person and online gatherings all at the same time.
So far large corporations, religious centers have effectively embraced the virtual reality, yet to fully integrate the human needs into our events, offering services that promote hybrid events is the future. Event stakeholders need to take the necessary steps to ensure that hybrid events become a reality for large and small event corporations. The advantages satisfy the consumer and the service renderers.

Hybrid events bring to life the best of both worlds; wherein event organizers and attendees can easily keep to the rules of public health safety and at the same time encourage human interaction which is attained during in-person gatherings.

In conclusion, the change has taken place and we all look forward to stability and progress. Enabling event stakeholders to plan towards the future can never be more emphasized.
New skills needed to make virtual and hybrid events a success, opens new doors of job opportunity and empowerment. Upskilling is necessary and cannot be sidestepped, the great responsibility to ensure African’s entertainment and event scene lies on us the providers of today.

‘With great power comes great responsibility’.

Stan Lee

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